King George, Virginia

Fellow Members of the King George Tea Party:

I trust that everyone is fully immersed into the Christmas spirit.  Here at our house our tree is up and decorated, presents are being wrapped as I type, the wood stove is cranking out the heat, and the sweet smell of Christmas goodies fills the air.

Tonight I received a phone call that provided insight into Bill Whitt’s condition.  In the interest of personal privacy I have not previously provided any details but I have now received permission to do so.  In short, Bill Whitt is in Arizona under hospice care for a cancer condition.  Those that have had the pleasure of meeting him during our monthly meetings will know that he has an indomitable spirit and is probably the most community-oriented and public-service individual that I know.  I have been given permission to release his personal e-mail address (in the CC line above) and I encourage you to contact him.  I also encourage you to offer up prayers of healing for Bill.

Ron McElrath, the Chairman of the King George Republican Committee, sent out an e-mail regarding events that will take place THIS Tuesday.  Below is a copy of his e-mail.  Two things:  1) JOIN ME on Tuesday to recognize Cedell Brooks and show support for Congressman Wittman, and 2) JOIN ME by writing a letter to Congressman Wittman highlighting support for the tax bill reform bill.  This is how you can materially demonstrate that you are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY and are glad reform is being made.


Just wanted to let all of you know that Congressman Wittman will be in town next Tuesday to recognize Cedell Brooks for his community service.   The ceremony will be held at 9:30 am at the Revercomb Building, behind the County courthouse.  Stacy Whitehouse from Wittman's office called to give me a heads up.  She wanted to let me know that they have found out that the Liberal groups - HUDDLE and Opposition are going to show up to protest the Congressman because of his vote for the tax bill.   

Congressman Wittman doesn't want anyone to do a counter-rally against the groups but wants people to be aware if they come out to support him and the event.  Wittman also asked if people want to support him to please write a letter supporting him and his vote for the tax reform bill to the paper.
Ron McElrath


As noted in my earlier e-mail, we will host a guest for our 4 January 2018 monthly KGTP meeting.  Remso Martinez will show us a video and discuss why he supports Nick Freitas.  This will be a fantastic meeting and a great opportunity to support the candidate.  His e-mail below has several links and I strongly encourage you to visit them prior to our meeting.



I'm Remso W. Martinez and I'm an independent journalist. I host a online radio show called the Remso Republic and I'm a news contributor for RedTea News. I'm traveling throughout the state the next couple months to promote my film "American Statesman: The Nick Freitas story" to discuss the need for creative conservatives in the entertainment and arts sphere along with why young people in the Republican Party are growing more libertarian. I'd be happy to come by and do a screening of the film for free, provide posters to give away and autograph, and answer questions afterwards as well. 

You can learn more about me at and see my Facebook fan page at .

You can see the full film on YouTube or directly on my website

The film has been reviewed by Congressman Tom Garrett, Denver Riggleman, and other notable individuals. You can read their reviews here

I look forward to hearing back,

Remso W. Martinez


I also received an e-mail from Gary Adkins who visited us several months ago.  He has decided to withdraw from the race and, in turn, has endorsed Nick Freitas.  I have attached Gary’s announcement below and I strongly encourage you to read it and learn his rational for supporting Nick.  I warmly applaud Mr. Adkins for such a professional announcement.  Here is Gary’s e-mail - note that he greatly valued your input during our meeting’s discussions.


I wanted to share with you the press release that I put out today endorsing Delegate Nick Freitas (VA HD-30). It has been a long hard trip to get here, but I am at peace with the final decision. If you all haven’t taken a hard look at him, I encourage you to do so. He will be an excellent candidate and, if successful, would be a superb Senator for Virginia.
Hope to see you again in the coming months. I will be looking forward to a renewed effort to build a plan potentially leading to a run in 2020. Meanwhile, it will be full speed ahead supporting Nick to run against Tim Kaine for the U.S. Senate.
It has been an agonizing path over the last few months since I meet with you and the King George Tea Party. I’m sure you can appreciate the difficulty in making such a decision.  Your advice and counsel has been of great value as I have worked through the process of making this decision. I thank you for the opportunity to meet with your group and I hope to see you all again in the future.
With kindest regards,


As always, there is a LOT of TEA Party-related news.  As much as I would love to keep things upbeat and positive in the Christmas season… the news about how biased the FBI investigations were into the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal as well as the fabricated allegations that subsequently became the “Russia collusion” meme are too strong to ignore.  I do encourage you to read the article about the Boston Tea Party event as the article ties in how we, the TEA Party movement, came to being.


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But I will leave you on a positive note.  Below is the graph of the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the past 10 years.  You can see how the economy fared during the Obama years.  And you can see the noticable DJIA uptick once President Trump became President.  Now imagine how things are going to improve with lower taxes, MORE reductions in regulations, and putting American workers ahead of illegal alien workers.  He truly has positively improved the economy and the lives of all Americans.

As always, questions and comments are welcome.

King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia