King George, Virginia

05 September 2020

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

This long message is a little different than the usual note I usually send out.  I want to dash off a bit of analysis for everyone in light of yesterday’s “non-event” at the Black Lives Matter protest in Fredericksburg.  Please do note that this is my sole-source opinion and I am welcome to your critique.

As you will recall, I passed on to everyone the ‘heads up’ about the Black Lives Matter protest held on Friday 4 September in Fredericksburg.

As noted in the National File article, the BLM flyer was unrestrained in their threat that violence was intended upon Fredericksburg - a city only a short distance away.  The 3 September Guns & Gadgets video offered a well-reasoned, and objective, caution about the event and suggested prudence for personal safety.  At the bare minimum, what any reasonable person would expect is something along what happened on the very same night in Rochester, New York:

It turns out, our local law enforcement were well-aware of this event and made preparations for expected contingencies.  One of the responses to my 3 September e-mail warning to the KGTP membership was from Rob Wittman’s office who provided the following:

On Sep 3, 2020, at 4:55 PM, Jordan Wilson wrote:

James - below is information from the Fredericksburg PD who are racking this. 

2 days ago:

  • It is important to us that we keep our community well informed at all times. We have been made aware of an event posting that has been circulated across social media noting a gathering on Friday, September 4, 2020 in the downtown area. We have received public inquiries regarding these social media posts online and therefore are sharing this information proactively with the public.

  • Our Fredericksburg Police Department and City Government leadership are diligently working to identify factual details to verify information tracked on social networks. As a proactive measure, our police will be present on September 4th in the vicinity. Our goal is to ensure the safety of our entire community while respecting the right to free speech through peaceful protest. Officers will maintain safety and enforce violations of the law for unlawful activities deemed as jeopardizing the safety of others.

  • Please know that we have no confirmed information at this point. We will provide updates here as we have them to ensure the facts are shared with our community in a timely manner.

2 hours ago:

  • Message from Police Chief Layton: In keeping our community informed, especially during unique times, we are sharing an update on the event announcement that was circulated on social media earlier this week. We have confirmed that an event in Hurkamp Park is planned for September 4th and event organizers have stated it will be a peaceful protest, correcting the original messaging that caused concern in our community. Public safety is our top priority and I want to ensure our community the Police Department is aware of the event and we will be present to make sure it remains lawful and peaceful.

  • Thank you to everyone who has reached out to our agency over the past few days expressing their concern for the safety of our historic City. The FPD sworn and civilian employees are proud to serve the Fredericksburg community.

- Chief Layton

All that I can say at this point is “good on you’ to the Fredericksburg Police Department and any support from law enforcement departments from neighboring counties.  Well done, indeed.  The outcome of the PD's preparation, and I am sure their “engagement” with the BLM leadership responsible for this event, was that the event was peaceful and a non-event:

So the question you must ask is, “If BLM openly threatened violence upon Fredericksburg’s citizens and businesses, why was last night’s event peaceful?  Was it really only because of the police department’s actions?”  While I will openly heap significant praise, and heart-felt thanks, to the responsible law enforcement agencies for their actions I do suspect there may be more at play here than just the Fredericksburg PD’s effective efforts.

Even if you were unable to attend the KGTP July meeting (see
this for more info), let me share with you some recent observations about BLM.  As Scott Catino outlined during his presentation, BLM and ANTIFA are Marxist “birds of a feather” that share much in common.  One of his assessments was that they are very well organized and (because of their Communist ideology) are expected to function around a rigid top-down leadership structure.  Since the news media and the various local / state / federal law enforcement agencies have not revealed that leadership structure it is rather difficult to take that statement at ‘face value.’  Well, take a look at this video of the Portland ANTIFA basecamp and notice the well-organized “dress-right-dress’ organization of their tents.  This is VERY reminiscent of Army field station organizations - NOT something that is thrown together like a run-of-the-mill homeless collective.  This is something that has been refined after the past 3 months:

This brings to the discussion the threat presented by 3-months of training, organization, network building, supply resourcing, funding, and social engineering that should be expected.  If the BLM leadership have such a firm handle on their subordinates -even on subjects such as basecamp organization- then there certainly is more to their activities than what a loose ‘mob’ might suggest.  No, these folks should be taken seriously and characterized as not only militant but of military nature.

But the threat is no longer localized to those cities that were the initial hot-spots such as Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis.  The 3-months of military “professionalization” now creates the threat that their tactics, techniques, procedures, expertise, training, and leadership will be exported to other parts of the country.  I believe that the failure by the Leftist mayors and governors directly, if not deliberately, enabled ANTIFA / BLM to create the required “critical mass” to replicate and initiate similar violent disruptions throughout the country.  Why would I think that?  Well, that conclusion is based upon the makeup of the rioters - drawn from outside sources:

For those that might want a little background on what this whole “black lives matter” mass movement is all about, here are two articles that ought to help in that regard.  As you read them, however, pay particular attention to the fact that their movement has NOTHING to do with racial equality… it is all about gaining political power in order to destroy.

No, I do not have any ‘smoking gun’ connections to draw a relationship between ANTIFA / BLM to an overthrow of the Trump administration, thus effecting a coup d’etat of the United States.  If, however, we accept that the unrest created by ANTIFA / BLM is deliberately organized then it will be used both as a pretext to a contested election in November AND as a post-election effort to delegitimize even a fairly (re)elected President and administration.

But this still does not address the question above, “If BLM openly threatened violence upon Fredericksburg’s citizens and businesses, why was last night’s event peaceful?”  I think that recent events have had a significant impact upon ANTIFA / BLM and their top-down leadership and communications have caused them to respond to those events.  Specifically, one of their hard-core operatives was taken down by federal law enforcement.  The number of shots fired during the take-down I believe also indicates to ANTIFA / BLM that the Feds are serious, really serious, about reining in their violence.  Here are four articles that summarize those events:

But that isn’t the only issue they are dealing with.  The shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin the week earlier openly confirmed for the American people that the rioters are armed and dangerous AND that patriotic counter-protesters that are legally armed and self-tasked to protect lives and property have both a moral and legal right to do so.  Thus, the ANTIFA / BLM protester’s legitimacy toward violence is now not only in question but also questioned throughout the country.  Additionally, since the group Patriot Prayer is a militia-like organization (I do not know if they consider themselves a militia, per se) their actions as a group gives a positive characterization for other militia groups similarly interested in using our Second Amendment rights to protect lives and property.  This also applies to individuals that independently exercise their Second Amendment rights.  These two issues, for a revolutionary mass movement, is catastrophic.

Another event that also may have made a direct impact upon the Fredericksburg-base BLM leadership is what happened in Washington State earlier the very same day.  BLM thought that blocking an interstate highway would be a good way to advance their cause and, armed with being able to get away with similar tactics on city streets, they would make a bigger impact on the major highways.  Well, it turns out that the federal interstate system is under federal jurisdiction and the Feds weren’t going to allow such activity.  Several of the protesters were taken into custody and all of the cars involved were impounded.  I suspect that this blunt counter to their protest activity resonated throughout their leadership, was quickly disseminated throughout their organization, and may have caused the local BLM leadership to reconsider their actions.

But the absolute most significant trend is one that ANTIFA / BLM have not counted on and will be the death-knell for their Marxist movement.  There are multiple news reports indicating that the “black community” is increasingly rejecting their actions and is now trending toward voting for President Trump.  President Trump’s recent statements during the Republican Convention resonated throughout those communities and this was not expected by the Democrat politicians.  Sure, this video is a year old… but the increased sentiment has taken firm hold BECAUSE of the revolutionary activity.

Bottom line is that I believe that the ANTIFA / BLM movement has received a forceful punch in the nose and they deliberately decided to protest PEACEFULLY in Fredericksburg yesterday.  I warmly welcome peaceful protest, encourage them to continue protesting PEACEFULLY if they consider their arguments valid, and applaud local law enforcement for engaging with them to convince them to do just that.  While I completely disagree with their platform and their arguments I do uphold the First Amendment for all Americans - even for ANTIFA / BLM.

As always, I welcome any questions or comments you may have.

King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia