King George, Virginia

6 January 2020

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

As mentioned previously, Daniel Gade will be our guest speaker for the February meeting.  Please come prepared with some excellent questions for the candidate.

I have only one quick announcement.  We will hold an election during the April meeting in order to identify a new KGTP Chairman.  I just checked my e-mail history and realized that I have been leading the KGTP since 24 April 2014, i.e., 6 years.  I believe in term limits for politicians and do not feel that I am an exception to that policy.  Begin to think about your interests in leading the KGTP and be prepared to make a presentation during the March meeting.  We will vote during the April meeting.

TEA Party / Nationalism Movement

From the top article below:

  • “But the Tea Party never pretended to be the magic elixir to all of D.C.’s problems. It is a coalition that gives voice to the hundreds of thousands of fiscal conservatives across the country that, 10 years ago, felt completely ignored by the day’s decisionmakers. Its success stories – from stopping this Obamacare 2.0 legislation to sequestration and everything in between – is pretty impressive.  These victories for fiscal conservatism were hard to come by before the movement started by Rick Santelli began.  Mainstream media pundits can pretend it has waned all they want, but the Tea Party movement is here to stay in the 2020s and beyond, and it will continue to get bigger and better than ever before."

I have recognized that many of the TEA Parties that were active circa 2010 are no longer active.  But there remains an infrastructure that has been surprisingly effective.  This article showcases several regarding Obamacare, but the effectiveness of the VCDL’s Second Amendment Sanctuary movement has been greatly enabled by the TEA Party remnant.

Taxes / Taxed Enough Already

From the top article below:

  • "Sedgwick said that while he knows the 'number one job of the government is to keep us safe,' the politicians in Sacramento – the state's capital – believe their number one job is to 'stick it to corporations.'  But when they stick it to the corporations, they don't realize that they're sticking it to the consumer, he explained.  The homebuilders are making just as much money today as they ever had and every one of those excess regulations and permits – permitting fees – are borne by the consumer, he added."

This is exactly right.  Any program run by any government (local, state, or federal) is financed by taxes upon We The People.  It is good to see that Californians are waking up to that reality.


From the top article below:

  • "How they will implement the water budget has not been determined, but they will be subject to monthly reporting requirements and fined $1000 per day when they go over. If they exceed the budget in a dry year, the fine is $10,000 every day they go over. There will also be a whole new level of bureaucracy created with a new ‘governing body’ to oversee water suppliers, and an enforcement arm,” Diener states, making things sound all the more ominous for Californians."

This is the most outrageous example of over-regulation that I have ever heard of.  As said above, it is good to see that Californians are waking up to that reality.

National Debt / Its the Spending, Stupid!

From the top article below:

  • "This is the problem with environmental activists – they are oblivious to the practical hinderances to their fossil fuel-free utopia."

This is purely a wealth redistribution effort using carbon-based fuel as the commodity.  It boggles the mind that these high-profile Hollywood celebrities are so out-of-touch with the real world that they even consider this kind of proposal.  I knew that Jane Fonda was clueless as an anti-war activist… but this is crazy.

Are You Ready For Environmental Reparations To Fund The Green New Deal?


From the top article below:

  • "Prior to 2017, no year in the DOW’s more than 100-year history ever saw the DOW increase by more than 3,500 points. In 2017 the DOW set a record for largest increase ever at nearly 5,000 points until this year. (The most all-time highs in a year prior to 2017 was 69 in 1995.) At the end of last year (2018) the DOW landed at 23,327.  In 2019 the DOW is up more than 5,000 points (5,210) for the first time ever!"

The graph that is included in the below article is attached at the bottom of this e-mail.  What does it mean to you?  Any stock-based investment you have just made YOU a lot of money.  One word describes this:  WINNING!

IT’S OFFICIAL: 2019 Was the Greatest Year in Stock Market History – First Time Ever DOW Gained More Than 5,000 Points In a Single Year!

Your life is already better in 2020 than it was in 2010. These stats prove it

Patriotism / America First

From the top article below:

  • "FY 2019 has been a historic year for USCIS and we have achieved many of President Trump’s goals to make our immigration system work better for America. As an agency, we have worked hand-in-hand with our fellow DHS components to answer President Trump’s call to address the ongoing crisis at our southern border. In the face of congressional inaction, we’ve taken significant steps to mitigate the loopholes in our asylum system, combat fraudulent claims and strengthen the protections we have in place to preserve humanitarian assistance for those truly in need of it. Meanwhile, the men and women of USCIS continue to administer our nation’s lawful immigration system, processing a large number of applications and requests while naturalizing 833,000 new U.S. citizens, an 11-year high."

This issue is one of the top priority issues that President Trump ran on during his campaign for election.  He is delivering on what he promised.  The next 5 years of the Trump presidency will be great for America.

Seven Trump Administration America First Wins in 2019

First Amendment / Freedom of Speech / Freedom of Religion

From the top article below:

  • "Trump is appointing right-leaning federal judges at rapid rates. Thus far, he has appointed 50 judges to circuit court benches, double what President Barack Obama had achieved at this point in his first term. Judges, many religious conservatives wager, may be one of the most effective means of safeguarding religious liberty."

The gist of this article comes down to this: We conservatives have seen the reality in how our religious values have been stripped away for decades and it is time that someone takes notice.

Religious People Think Democrats Will Strip Our Rights Because It’s True

Rutgers Student Told Not to Quote Bible in Paper Because of ‘Separation of Church and State’

Second Amendment / Right to Keep and Bear Arms

From the top article below:

  • "While Virginia is home to the National Rifle Association (NRA), the VCDL grassroots organization, founded in 1994, is taking the lead in the fight against the legislation.  This fight, while still predominantly Virginia-focused, is turning into growing national movement via social media, as word is spreading to gun-owners across the country.  The concern is that what happens in Virginia could soon be coming to a state near you, or your own state, via legislative initiatives."

The Second Amendment Sanctuary movement has spread to Kentucky as noted in the articles below.  Virginia is not the first state to adopt these resolutions and we will not be the last.  This movement will continue because it is a unifying issue that crosses many cultural and ideological boundaries.  Today, Virginia Beach is voting on the 2AS resolution… lets pray for a good outcome.

Abortion / Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

From the top article below:

  • "In sum, Roe’s jurisprudence has been characterized by Delphic confusion and protean change," the legislators argued, citing many reversals and confusing legal precedents. "As the Court pulled away from Roe, the States moved forward to regulate abortion to the maximum extent allowed to protect the 'state interests' permitted in Roe, Casey and Gonzales. These incessant retrenchments show that Roe has been substantially undermined by subsequent authority, a principal factor the Court considers when deciding whether to overrule precedent."

It is fantastic that this is being reconsidered.  If overturned, it certainly would be a refutation for Governor Northam’s position on late-term abortion.  I doubt he will be in office when this gets heard in court… but one can hope that he has to “eat crow”.

Corruption / Rule of Law

From the top article below:

  • "Bloomberg, a prominent Democratic donor and presidential contender in 2020, is effectively weaponizing attorneys general offices for his own purposes, Republicans say."

State employees, paid by the state, naturally owe an allegiance to the state in many respects.  This allegiance is recognized by the rules they must follow and the decisions they make.  In this case, however, an outside and private entity is paying those salaries and, in effect, buying the employee’s allegiance.

National Sovereignty / Border Security / Illegal Alien Invasion

From the top article below:

  • "Workers see the strongest wage growth when the labor market is tight—when demand outstrips supply. In the past, immigration has often been a relief valve in our labor market, creating additional slack and keeping wages down, which is great for business owners’ profit margins but not their employees. Trump is actively doing the opposite with policies that keep the labor market tight to pressure wages higher and end two decades of income stagnation."

This is an America First, and an American First, policy that is quite a change from the Obama years.

Conservatism / Capitalism

From the top article below:

  • "Surely it is not for this form of government that our brave men and women serve. Surely it’s not for this that we pay our taxes. We now have a lawless government that does whatever it feels like doing just because it can. How long will we be allowed even to object? And why are the Republicans not litigating every single event? Don’t the edicts of the courts still have some power? Why don’t we go to them all day long? When will we ever learn to fight back?"

After finding out that ~25% of Virginia House and Senate seats went UNOPPOSED in the 5 November 2019 election, I, too, am wondering what is wrong with the GOP.

Socialism / Creeping Socialism

From the top article below:

  • “'36% of millennials polled say that they approve of communism, which is up significantly from 28% in 2018,' it said.  The results did not go over well with conservatives or anyone with a measurable understanding of history.  One such critic was none other than Kasparov, a Russian born under Soviet rule in present-day Azerbaijan and arguably the greatest chess player of all time.  'It’s nice they have opinions about communism now, because once you’re living in it you don’t get to have an opinion about it anymore,' he tweeted Monday."

The failure lies not with the millennials themselves but with the teachers that cultivated this perspective in our youth’s mind.  By not teaching about the horrific results brought on by Socialism and Communism they have enabled a collective ignorance that is truly a threat to our country.

Censorship / Social Media Censorship

Denial / Deception / Propaganda / Social Engineering

Elections / Vote Integrity


As always, I welcome your questions or comments.

King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia