King George, Virginia

07 January 2021

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

Tonight we had a fantastic meeting.  As expected, the discussion was robust given recent events during the Georgia Senate runoff election (smelling of the potential for election fraud like what occurred during the general election in November), the second Stop The Steal rally in D.C., and the electoral college certification.

The meeting’s discussion opened up with my reading the following e-mail segment that captures the current state of affairs:

  • "As I have said before, the foundation of a republic is representational government.  Free and fair elections are what constitute the critical element for representational government.  Election fraud, if left to stand, eliminates that foundation of a republic and in its void creates the foundation for tyranny.

  • After seeing the evidence of fraud that caused the general election's outcome, the indications from many within government leadership to deliberately and blatantly overlook or ignore the fraud’s evidence, and to see that nothing was done to correct the replication of fraud during Georgia's runoff election on Tuesday, it is a safe conclusion to state that America is no longer a republic.

  • Ashli Babbitt, the woman that was killed the following day, on Wednesday, was just one among many that “stormed” the Capitol.  Why was she, like the many with her, motivated to do so?  Because she, and they, were reacting to the rise of tyranny.  News media, politicians of all stripes, and many people in general incorrectly attribute the events yesterday to the protester’s actions.  That is wholly incorrect.  It was their REACTION to election fraud, the loss of the republic, and the destruction of this nation’s foundation that brought about yesterday’s events.  By this light, Ashli Babbitt was a patriot that lost her life fighting for the same reasons as those killed at Lexington and Concord in 1775.

  • And I do not believe she will be the last."

The ensuing discussion presented a unanimous consensus that America is at a crossroads, a place that none of us wished to find ourselves, and a time that we are gravely concerned for our family, friends, and future.  Along that line of discussion, Steve recommended that everyone listen to a podcast that outlines a potential future series of events.  As is often said when listening to advice such as this: forewarned is forearmed.

As always, I welcome any questions or comments you may have.

King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia