King George, Virginia

9 January 2020

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

I just got back from attending the monthly meeting of the King George Republican Committee.  They are VERY interested in hearing from Daniel Gade, our guest speaker for the 6 February meeting, and have decided to join us for that opportunity.  Several of their members have heard Mr. Gade speak at another presentation and assured me that he will be a great speaker for our event.

We also heard from one of the Board of Supervisors members and he expressed concern that King George County will both not receive grant money that we have received in years prior but also that the state of Virginia has levied several “unfunded mandates” which will ultimately cost King George taxpayers.  He strongly urges us to attend the budget work sessions where input is very welcome as the budgets are hashed out.  Without citizen input in deciding which “line items” are worth deleting it is difficult to prevent a tax increase next year.  I believe the next budget work session will be held on 24 January.

One other thing that was discussed was about upcoming legislation.  What several KGRC members were concerned about was that while everyone has been very focused on Second Amendment / Gun Control issues… the Democrats in Richmond have laid out some other legislation that is equally as concerning (but has not been noticed).  Expect abortion to be the next big issue hashed out during this session.

During the meeting, I had a chance to talk to the Trump/Pence campaign representative that also attended.  He, too, has indicated that he would like to attend our TEA Party meeting to discuss what we can do to help.  The number one issue right now is voter registration.  Evidently during the last few Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution meetings at the Board of Supervisors meetings (Virginia Beach, among others) that a voting registration table was set up and a LOT of unregistered folks took that opportunity to get registered.  That indicated that there remains a LOT of Constitution-loving Virginians that still need to get registered to vote so they can participate in this year’s election.  We can help with that, as well as helping with the get-out-the-vote campaign that will get in full swing in the August timeframe.

That is all that I can remember for now.

King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia