King George, Virginia

10 January 2020

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

Today was an interesting day in the new legislative session in Richmond.  It was so “interesting” that several folks have been blasting out e-mails about it.  Knowing that not everyone gets these news feeds from various Delegates, the TEA Party Federation, etc., I have cut-and-pasted the content into this e-mail for dissemination.  Yes, I have lost the graphics and such… but the content is what is important here.

Note two portions of the below correspondence.  The first is found at the bottom of Margaret Ranson’s e-mail where she says this:

  • “As I serve in the minority party I will continue to fight for our small businesses and hardworking people of the Northern Neck. Even though I am in the minority, I still have a seat at the table and will continue to fight for my people and the values that I have always stood firm on.  Please pray for me while I am in Richmond. Thank you all for your constant love and support, I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart."

Honestly, this sounds like someone that is in the midst of a fierce battlefield and they are writing back home to loved ones.  That is what I believe Margaret is doing… fighting for We The People of Virginia… and she is opposite an imposing adversary.  If you read what Bryce Reeves says below you will get a similar perspective in his State of the Commonwealth Address section.  The Democrats are characterizing themselves as railroad engineers, as their intent is to railroad their agenda regardless of what the commonwealth’s citizens have to say.

But the most important message that I found was taken from the (very long) Virginia Constitutional Conservatives e-mail:

  • “Instead our message is short and sweet.  Vote with us, or lose your seat.  Politicians greatly fear organized efforts.  If they think it is just a few mad individuals, and not an organized effort, they do not fear them as much in the election season."

This is why there has been such reaction from Northam & Co. regarding the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement’s progress throughout Virginia’s localities.  This is why we, the various TEA Party groups, need to organizationally collaborate as it builds “mass.”  That is reflected in the term “mass movement.”  The TEA Party movement was the mass movement that woke the America First sentiment across the land.  The Virginia Citizens Defense League’s Second Amendment Sanctuary movement demonstrated that a mass movement can spring into action if there is the ability to communicate with like-minded patriots.  We Conservatives of all flavors need to band together if we ever expect to preserve our Virginian way of life, our Constitutional rights, and the future that we want to bestow upon future generations.

The following is just a smattering of the e-mails that I have received and I offer them to you for your review.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Margaret Ransone, Delegate 99th District <>
Subject: The New Scary Regime
Date: January 10, 2020 at 3:54:09 PM EST
To: <>

The New Scary Regime

Dear Friend,

After I was sworn in for my fifth term on Wednesday, Democratic Leadership was unable to produce rules to govern, leaving the House without our committee assignments. Yesterday, the House agreed on rules to govern and I received my committee assignments.

I was reappointed to Courts of Justice, Commerce and Labor, and Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources.

Today, Democratic Leadership made Capitol Grounds a Gun Free Zone. I am not allowed to carry my concealed weapon on Capitol Grounds nor are Sheriffs that visit the Capitol from all across the Commonwealth. This is all because Democratic Leadership decided the rules in which we will operate will be written in a closed door meeting.

I hope that Democrats do not think that they will be able to make decisions for the people of the Commonwealth, in a shady, partisan behind closed doors meeting. This move by the Democrats shows a complete lack of transparency, as my Republican colleagues and I were not allowed to vote on this.

I guess this is an example of how the new regime is going to reign over us.

As I serve in the minority party I will continue to fight for our small businesses and hardworking people of the Northern Neck. Even though I am in the minority, I still have a seat at the table and will continue to fight for my people and the values that I have always stood firm on.

Please pray for me while I am in Richmond. Thank you all for your constant love and support, I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

As always, I am truly honored to represent the 99th District. Please contact my office at 804-698-1099 or at if you have questions or concerns related to state government.

God Bless,

Begin forwarded message:

From: Bryce Reeves <>
Subject: Session Update: Week 1
Date: January 10, 2020 at 1:24:35 PM EST
To: King George Tea Party <>

Friends of Bryce Reeves
Virginia General Assembly 2020 Session Update - Week #1


The Virginia General Assembly began its fifth century on Wednesday. Clearly, “the oldest continuous law-making body in the New World” will have a 401st year that will be noticeably different from its 400th.

For the first time in 26 years, the House and Senate have Democrat majorities with a Democrat serving as governor. One-party control has been an exceptional occurrence over the last quarter-century. Republicans enjoyed this status in 2000 and 2001, and again in 2012 and 2013. Except for those four years, Virginians have elected governments that were divided between the two parties since 1993.

The changes in the House of Delegates were especially pronounced. The new Democrat majority elected a new Speaker, Eileen Filler-Corn, the first woman to hold that position. Both parties have new leadership teams, and they elected a new Clerk. And with 37 members serving in either their first or second terms, the turnover in the House has been extraordinary.

Things are somewhat more stable in the Senate. Our chamber has five new members this year, three of whom previously served in the House. The majority has shifted from the Republicans to the Democrats, but both parties retained their leadership teams. And, the Clerk we had for the last four years with a Republican majority will continue to serve with a Democrat majority.

When one party has not had complete control of government for a very long time, substantial and consequential changes are to be expected. When that party, like the Democrats, is more uniformly and ideologically left than it was when it last held power, those changes have the potential to be radical. From what the Governor and the Democrats promised this week, they will be.     

State of the Commonwealth Address

Two days before session began, the Governor laid out his agenda for the 2020 session. If you’ve managed to watch any of the debates between the Democrat presidential candidates, you would have recognized much of the Governor’s rhetoric. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or Tom Steyer would have been perfectly comfortable delivering these proposals.

The Democrats are marketing their agenda as “common sense,” but there is nothing common or sensible about the policies they plan to put in place. They include dramatic increases in what you’ll pay for the gas in your car and the electricity for your home. Virginia’s record as America’s “best state for business” is about to be shocked by regulation, wage, and labor law changes that emulate those of New York and California. And, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t alone in promoting a job-killing, economically disastrous “Green New Deal;” Ralph Northam and the Democrats have one of their own.

Individual liberties are about to take a severe hit, too, as Democrats have pledged to adopt new gun control laws that will make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens who own firearms. And completing their efforts from last year to allow abortions up to and including the moment of birth, they are promoting pro-abortion legislation that will effectively lift all limits on that practice. 

In short, Virginia is about to adopt policies similar to those that have made New York and California unaffordable for working families, inhospitable to businesses, and a lot less livable overall.

Republicans legislators will work diligently to thwart these efforts to have Virginia follow the lead of states that are failing – instead of setting an example of prosperity that other states emulate.

Committee Assignments

I received my Committee Assignments this week. I have been appointed to serve on General Laws, Privileges and Elections, and Rehabilitation and Social Services Committees.

The majority party gets to decide on committee assignments. With a disproportionate number of their members coming from Northern Virginia, the Democrat majority shortchanged large swaths of the Commonwealth in doling out these assignments. Southwest Virginia, Virginia Beach, and the Richmond area were especially discounted in the assignments. Consistent with what has become the Democrat Party’s base of support, Northern Virginia will be decidedly over-represented on critical committees.


Friendly faces from home came early to the General Assembly this session. The Virginia Bankers Association held there lobby day on the second day of session. I was happy to hear from local banks across my district, explicitly addressing legislation that would help and hurt their industry.

We also welcomed the National Federation of Independent Business. Several businesses from the 17th district were concerned with the proposed legislation of minimum wage increases and the removal of right to work. They expressed how severely these changes might impact their business models; and some suggesting they might have to close. It’s important to note that dramatically increasing the minimum wage also hurts the worker. Several owners stated they would have to reduce working hours for employees, and some suggested they would have to lay off employees. This policy is not suitable for businesses or workers, and companies in the 17th district made that clear.

Location, Location, Location

We’re here until at least March 7. We’d love to have you stop by our offices in Room E521 of the Pocahontas Building if you’re planning a visit to Virginia’s historic Capitol. You can also let us know your views on any of the issues before the General Assembly by emailing or calling (804) 698-7517.

In your service,

Begin forwarded message:

From: Carol
Subject: Re: NO GUNS AT THE CAPITOL___Fwd: The Battle of Richmond Begins....
Date: January 10, 2020 at 6:19:18 PM EST
To: "James Hull (KGTP)" <>, Patricia Evans <>, Ben Slone <>, Merlin <>, John Taylor <>

I meant to include this article from The Hill:

Virginia legislators vote to ban guns at state Capitol

Rules committee video

Begin forwarded message:

Subj: The Battle of Richmond Begins....

Fellow Virginians,
Drunk with power, the Anti-gunners in the General Assembly have already struck...banning firearms from the Capital grounds.

Only days before law-abiding citizens are set to go to Richmond to urge lawmakers to defend their rights, the new anti-gun majority of the Virginia General Assembly has passed an immediate gun ban for the Pocahontas Building, the Capitol, and Capitol Grounds through the duration of the 2020 General Assembly Legislative Session. Citizens will not be permitted to carry firearms into these locations, even if they have a Concealed Handgun Permit.

And that is just the beginning.

And now it is time we, the free and independent citizens of the Commonwealth, strike back.

I am going to speak in very plain language, we are facing the most tyrannical and authoritarian set of elected officials Virginia has seen in a long, long time.

And if you do not speak up, show up and fight back, the rabid anti-gunners will think you agree with their actions.

There are many vital actions you need to take if you do not want to see more gun bans, Red Flag Gun Confiscation Schemes, Universal Gun Registration and a host of other far left bills passed.

But you need to start today.

If we wait till Lobby Day on the 20th, many bad bills will have already passed.

Here at the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives, we are already engaged in this political battle, but we need your help.

First of all, to combat these unconstitutional schemes, we have created the Virginia Minuteman Program.  This program is for those truly dedicated to preserving the right to keep and bear arms and are our first line of defense.

Already almost 200 Virginians have signed up for this program, pledging to act immediately to stop anti-gun legislation dead in its tracks, but we need more patriots to do so.  Please click on this link to find out how you can join the Minutemen and fight to preserve the 2nd Amendment.

Remember, it is up to us to defend our liberty and gun rights and we cannot, again cannot, wait for a politician to do so, or we have already lost.

Our team of legislative experts are digging into the over 2,000 bills introduced this session, categorizing them and cross referencing them with the legislative calendar, so that we can provide you with the most up to date information and timely actions that will defend our liberty.

So with that being said, here is our strategy.

First, we analyzed the General Assembly, both the Senate and the House. And while the vote differential is closer in the Senate, we are actually stronger in the House of Delegates.

Why?  Because simply there are 7 gun grabbers who won by 5% or less in 2019, thus making them in danger of losing their seats in 2021 if they are opposed by an organized grassroots effort.

There are not the the same vulnerable seats in the State Senate.  This does not mean will will ignore the Senate, but the large majority of our actions will be centered on the House.

Next, because Committees are where bills go to die, it is far easier to kill a bad bill in a Committee than it is on the floor, because you do not need to flip as many votes your way in Committee.

Committees are made up of a small number of delegates, not the entire legislature.

In the end, if a Bill hits the floor, we have to not only hold all the Republicans in line, which is a huge task itself, but also flip 5 of the 7 Democrats we are targeting.

So if we can instead focus on killing bad bills in the various committees, our task is easier.

So for you to file away and get ready to call every day, day in and day out tell them to vote against any and all anti-gun bills, here is the list of our targets for the 2020 Virginia Legislative Session.

HD10 Wendy Gooditis won by 5% Flipped in 2017

Office: (804) 698-1010 District (540) 300-3857

HD 28 Joshua Gregory Cole won by 4% Flipped in 2019

Office: (540) 642-0165

HD 31 Elizabeth Guzman won by 5% Flipped in 2017

Office: (571) 403-1213 Richmond 804-698-1031

HD 40 Dan Helmer won by 5% Flipped in 2019

Office: (804) 698-1040, email is

HD 73 Rodney Willett won by 5% Flipped in 2017

Office: (804) 698-1073

HD 75 Roslyn Tyler won by 2% held seat since 2005

Office: (804) 698-1075 Email:

HD 83 Nancy Guy won by 1% (27 votes) Flipped 2019

Office: (804) 698-1083, Email is

****RINO ALERT****

HD 84 Glenn Davis (R) won by 2%

Office: (804) 698-1084 2532

Davis Introduced HB 142- This Bill of course would make you take an 'in person' class to obtain your training to qualify for a Concealed Carry Permit.  We are pressuring Davis heavily to withdraw his bill, but so far he has refused to.

****RINO ALERT****

HD 82 Jason Miyares (R)

Office: (804) 698-1082,

Red Flag supporter!!

****RINO ALERT****

HD 54 Bobby Orrock (R)

Office: (540) 891-1322 Richmond Office telephone: 804-698-6754 ,

Orrock put in HB 192, which would make you take a class to purchase a gun in Virginia!!!  Now, after all of your phone calls and emails,  he has publicly declared he is withdrawing the Bill, but has not done so yet.  We need to watch to be sure he does.

I would print this list out, and have it handy at all times, so you can remember to constantly call and email these Delegates.

When you do call, don't waste time telling them what is wrong with their anti-gun efforts, the message is really simple- Tell them you know how narrow their margin of victory was, and then tell them that if they vote for one single anti-gun bill, you will volunteer, donate and work tirelessly in their district to make sure they lose in 2021.

These gun grabbing politicians know the bills, they understand what the bills will do.  Politicians will tell you they want to discuss their bills, the policy and have long drawn out conversations about them.  This is only to buy time to pass these bad bills.

Instead our message is short and sweet.  Vote with us, or lose your seat.

Politicians greatly fear organized efforts.  If they think it is just a few mad individuals, and not an organized effort, they do not fear them as much in the election season.

I know, I have managed many election campaigns, and when an organized and no compromise group is targeting your candidate, it rightfully scares them to matter if they say otherwise.

So this is the most important task you can dedicate yourself to, calling and emailing constantly these delegates.

Next, Anti-Gun Radical and soon to be failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, has propped up both Everytown for Gun Safety and Mom's Demand Action with over $16 MILLION in the bank.These far left socialists are dedicated to taking away ALL of your firearms, no matter what other spin they put on it.  Backing Gun Confiscation Schemes and outright bans on 'scary looking' sporting firearms, these two groups, and the politicians they have bought, are working non stop to take away your right to keep and bear arms.

Our State PAC, the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives, is fighting back with everything we have.  Over the past week  we have sent over 75,000 calls to targeted districts exposing the actions of the gun grabbers, as well as thousands of emails and as of this morning, we have reached over half a million patriots through social media, telling them actions they need to take to defend the Constitution.  

But like war, politics, success or failure depends on ammunition.  And the ammunition in politics is donations.

I will be honest, I hate asking for donations, but without asking, I know we will be overwhelmed by Bloomberg's $16 Million.  So yes, today I am asking you to donate $500, $200 or whatever you can afford at this link.  So please click here so we can continue to put heavy pressure on the new cabal of gun grabbers in Richmond. 

Next, we have several petitions running to stop Radical Ralph Northam and his merry band of gun grabbers.

Most important is our Petition to Recall Governor Northam.  

The Virginia State Constitution provides a means to recall an elected official, even the Governor, for a trial in the Circuit Court, determining if the official has violated their oath of office.

The Virginia State Constitution is very clear, in Article 13 it states-

‘That a well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.’

In his efforts to disarm law abiding citizens, Governor ‘Radical Ralph’ Northam has clearly violated his oath of office.

We need 405,000 signatures to enact the recall procedure, so we desperately need your help to reach that number.

If you are not willing to submit to tyranny in the state that secured our liberty, you need to act today!

Please sign the petition  and share it with all of your friends-

Whereas, The 13th Article of the Virginia State Constitution declares that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; and

Whereas, The Virginia State Code, sections 24.2-233 to 24.2-238 provides for the recall of Governor Ralph Northam; and

Whereas, Governor Ralph Northam has declared his intent to violate Article 13 of the Virginia State Constitution ;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, We, the undersigned citizens of the great Commonwealth of Virginia, refuse to permit Governor Northam to violate his oath of office and the State Constitution.

Be it further resolved, We, the undersigned citizens of the great Commonwealth of Virginia exercise our right to demand a recall trial of Governor Ralph Northam.

To help you use your time and money effectively in politics, we are hosting the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leaderships' Grassroots Training on February 1st in Culpeper and on February 15th in Orange Virginia.

And just this morning, the February 1st class has sold out.

However we still have seat available for the February 15th class and you can find out more information on how to fight and win by clicking here.

This intense one-day training covers:

The Real Nature of Politics - why just "educating" people alone won't result in change;
The Biggest Lie in Politics - and how the political class uses your convictions against you;
How to work effectively at the Capitol - getting a bill sponsor and a roll call vote despite the leadership;

How to put pressure on legislators.

All of our instructors have years of experience putting these principles to work in multiple states.

Many have worked on federal, state and local campaigns, including major presidential campaigns, and successful campaigns for U.S. Senate and Congress. They know what works, and also what has been proven not to work in getting politicians to vote right.

This class will teach you how to turn your passion into effective action to advance liberty.

If you’re ready to learn how to be effective AND feared by politicians, click here to register for this class on Saturday, February 15th, 2020 in Orange, VA. We’ll even thrown in lunch.

Next we are finalizing the details on our efforts on the VCDL Lobby Day on January 20th, 2020.

We are planning to not only participate in the Lobby Portion, but also to drop thousands of petitions on the desks of targeted politicians demanding they oppose all future gun control efforts in Virginia.

We also will be collecting signatures for the Recall Northam Petition and we need your help.

If you can help out with our efforts on Lobby day to confront poor performing politicians and collect signatures for our petition, please email Jimmy Singh by clicking here.

As an all volunteer, grassroots organization, our success or failure is determined by fellow volunteers stepping up and helping us in this fight.

We are working around the clock, as volunteers, to fight to preserve your rights here in the Commonwealth, and we really need your help.

And this I will promise you- We will never back down, we will never compromise, we will never sell out and we will eventually overcome, with your help.

My family came to Virginia in 1748, fleeing the British Tyranny in the Scottish Highlands, and here is where I am going to make my stand.

We have many, many plans for the anti-gunners in Richmond.  With decades of combined experience in grassroots activism, we are going to win in the end.

But just how long that takes depends on you.

I wish I could say this will be an easy fight, but I know it will not be.  I wish I could say this will be a quick battle, but I know it will not be.  For over 100 years the radical left has slowly and surely gutted the Constitution, because they refused to compromise or act civil.

And if we are to turn the tide, we must not compromise nor continue the same old policies of getting along.

Liberty is only one generation away from extinction, and here in Virginia, it is our turn to stand and fight.  Not only for our liberty, but for the freedom of generations to come.

In this time of crisis, can I count on you?

In Liberty,

S. Chris Anders
Virginia Constitutional Conservatives 
PS- Like war, politics is a zero sum game.  There is no second place. So we must all be in this to win together.  It is time we oppose the politicians, the media, the establishment and the talking heads, and save our Virginia. But we can only do so with your help.  So do join us in this fight by signing up for the Virginia Minuteman Program at this link, or if you cannot pledge to take rapid action, donate $500, $250 or whatever you can afford at this link, to support our efforts.

I thank you all in advance.

King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia