King George, Virginia

11 December 2020

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

The KGTP Newsletters generally go out every week, usually on Sunday or Monday.  The normal ‘churn’ of news allows for a weekly update.  This week’s events, however, warrant an interim update.  I am sure you have been watching the news over the past week.  Absolutely historic events are occurring… and they are NOT for the better of our Republic.  These events are coming so frequently now that a few words are warranted.

The most significant event is summarized by the below quote from the article linked immediately below:

  • "In the end, it comes down to this: what does it mean to have right versus wrong, corrupt versus honest, truth versus lies, fair versus stolen all work out backwards?  The last place on Earth the rest of the world would have thought that possible is right here.  "Our" America.  Abraham Lincoln said, "We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth."  He was talking about slavery, an evil that needed to be purged from our nation, lest we lose our nation altogether.

  • There are many evils, but today the foremost evil we must address is the Democrat party's corruption of our national election.  We all know what happened, and what the right thing is.  We need to fix it.  Now.  The details and the prison terms can be figured out later."

  • How to Steal an Entire Country

Reed, one of our KGTP members, let me know about the excellent segment on FoxNews’ Lou Dobbs Tonight show that was broadcast last night.  It featured Sidney Powell talking about her investigation into the election fraud.  Lou Dobbs then offered to spend an ENTIRE show devoted to what Sidney has to say… and that will be broadcast TONIGHT.  I recommend you catch it either when broadcast or from YouTube.

In case you have missed what is going on with the lawsuit brought up to the Supreme Court, here are a few articles that will bring you up to speed and the below summarizes the obvious evidence of election fraud that prompted such lawsuit:

It is vitally important that you keep yourself informed because tech giants, specifically Google’s YouTube, are ACTIVELY ERASING any reporting about election fraud.  This is straight out of some well-known dystopian SciFi books… namely 1984 and Fahrenheit 451.  Reported earlier is how effective such censorship has been at influencing the 2020 election outcome.  At this point, Google/YouTube are not even ashamed about what they are doing.  Here is what they have to say on the subject:

The importance of this election’s outcome cannot be understated.  Hunter Biden’s personal corruption is inconsequential when compared to the context of the 2020 election fraud.  The Biden family corruption, however, is part of a much larger effort involving foreign entities… i.e, China.  Separate reporting has illustrated how Hunter Biden was being influenced by the Chinese and last week California Democrat Eric Swalwell, a prominent member of the House Intelligence Committee and the lead Democrat on the subcommittee with oversight over the CIA.  Why this is important can be gleaned from the following:

America, as a Republic, is at stake.  America, as a free nation, is at stake.

King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia