King George, Virginia

11 May 2020

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

OK, another interesting week to say the least.  It looks like the Obama administration’s corruption is coming to light now that General Flynn has been exonerated and some significant documents have been simultaneously released.  Those documents are going to demonstrate that the most egregious crime has been committed against a sitting president (well, short of the Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy assassinations anyway) by trying to impeach a duly elected President via corruption.  This story is NOT over yet… so grab some (more) popcorn and stay tuned.

Also to note is the increased push-back that is occurring in several states to the continuing stay-at-home orders.  Note specifically that Virginia lost its argument preventing religious services (see more below).

Below, I have forwarded content from several e-mails.  The first one is from our Delegate, Margaret Ransone, who outlines some of the restoration aspects that constitute Phase One.  Below that is an announcement from Carol regarding a Memorial Day rally.  Below that is a VERY insightful e-mail from a successful small business owner that has outlined the ramifications of the quarantine - specifically what will happen when all of those people that have been furloughed and are now on unemployment.  And finally a note from Kat regarding the Republican Party of Virginia’s election.

On May 9, 2020, at 11:52 AM, Margaret Ransone <> wrote:

Dear Friend,

These past two months have been hard, but we are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ever since this crisis began, I have been passing on your concerns to the Governor and his administration. Thankfully, Governor Northam has finally decided to listen to reason and has laid out the exact details for the first phase of reopening Virginia with a tentative start date of next Friday, May 15th if the trends continue downward. This is a good first step for the economy to begin the healing process. Please see the guidelines below from the administration with the understanding that some businesses and places of worship will enact their own guidelines and may continue to work remotely or solely function with curbside pickup.

  • Requirements for Phase One to Begin
  •     *Downward trend: Percentage of positive tests over 14 days
  •     *Downward trend: Hospitalizations over 14 days
  •     *Increased testing and tracing
  •     *Enough hospital beds & intensive care capacity
  •     *Increasing & sustainable supply of PPE

Phase One is expected to last between 2-4 weeks, or longer if necessary. Please continue to practice social distancing and wash/sanitize your hands frequently. If we do this right, we could go back to functioning almost like before as soon as August.


On May 9, 2020, at 2:45 PM, Carol wrote:

Memorial Day Rolling Rally

Honoring Those Who Died for Our Country
"A Socially Responsible Celebration of Freedom!"

MONDAY MAY 25th  11am – 2pm

Motorcade Route:  From the Bell Tower at Capitol Square to St. John’s Church where Patrick Henry gave his famous “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech.  Then back to Capitol Square.

On May 6, 2020, at 11:41 AM, Chuck wrote:

Hello Jim,

Following up on conversation from Tuesday. This is for all that are not privy on how unemployment works in Virginia. Every business is assigned a rate of taxation set by the Virginia Employment Commission based on your company’s history of laying off,furloughing and firing employees. The more you do this and compensation is paid out the higher your rate is for VEC taxes. This tax is paid solely by employers and never has been paid by any employee.

The unemployment fund is a money pool that pays the unemployed. The State of Virginia by law must increase the fund when it falls below a certain level and I do not know what that is it is not reported to us. So more people apply and get unemployment the fund gets depleted and must be restored. The only way to do this is by charging businesses a higher rate of taxation. The rate is set by the VEC and they only determine what rate that will be,employers get no input period.

I forsee that with the massive unemployment the rate will be tremendous! That rate is to remain in place for three years until it is decreased, but it can be raised at anytime.

I can only give myself as an example; this what happened to me: Four years ago I had to fire an employee that developed a drug habit and could not pass a drug test. This employee was not a Virginia resident but filed for unemployment. The VEC has a system of arbitration,that I lost. Virginia is a right to work state. Employers can terminate any one for any reason The VEC ruled that drug abuse is not a valid reason.

So I will cut to the chase. My unemployment rate was low because in 46 years this was the only claim against my business. The VEC gave this person unemployment. The VEC sends you a report of compensation and your new rate of taxation. Sit down, my rate was increased by 320%! The VEC paid out to this employee $2360.00 and charged my business $29,000.00 for each of the three years! What does this do? It deprives me of the ability to give good employees raises,bonuses and other compensation.

Covid-19 will have massive costs heaped on employers and the result will be higher costs to employers that will trickle down to employees. Some businesses may survive this shut down by the skin of their teeth but will be killed off by increased taxes. I also see all other taxes increasing as Virginia and the Federal governments try to restore their coffers. This is going to be another nail in the coffin of honest, hardworking and moral American citizens, that have no real voice or advocate, we are in for a wild ride my friends.

The Feds and Virginia have an attitude towards the citizens of JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE IT.

Thank you for your time,


On May 6, 2020, at 5:39 PM, Kat wrote:

We MUST have strong, honest, committed leadership of the Republican Party of Virginia. It is vital, the sine qua non.   Without a statewide organization to work against the Marxists, we are in real peril.  The feckless hypocrisy of current and immediate past leadership is responsible - in large part - for the situation we are in today.

This year, new leadership will be chosen - and it CANNOT COME TOO SOON!  You can help to chose a passionate patriot, to undo the mess we are in today, although the vote will be cast by only selected delegates from each county and city unit

Please watch the short video on You Tube, of an interview yesterday on the John Fredericks show, and become acquainted with Rich Anderson, candidate for RPV chairman.

Rich is the fighter we need to help to strengthen the crumbling Red Seawall that must stand against the "Blue Wave" of money and Marxism.

If you agree, please contact your local GOP unit members, and advocate for Rich.  Also, please go to, to learn more, and help, any way you can.

This is a crucial contest, and we need someone with the experience, vision, and commitment to reconstruct our Pro-American leadership in the Commonwealth.

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