King George, Virginia

12 November 2020

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

The purpose of the King George TEA Party is to keep our fellow members informed and, when needed, to encourage everyone to mobilize in order to apply pressure upon political leaders.  NOW is that time.

Below are only two (of many) general news articles regarding the combined Million MAGA March, the Stop The Steal protest, and the March For Trump rally to be held THIS Saturday 14 November 2020.  Please take a look at them and recognize that participation by We The People is what conveys messages to our elected representatives.  In this case the central message is ELECTION FRAUD IN AMERICA WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!  YOUR participation is important to make that message heard

Here some links to the specific groups organizing the events.

If you want some motivation to decide whether or not it is important for you to spend your Saturday participating in these events then take a look at the below. If I had to identify just one link below it would be the topmost one that is a Bill Whittle video.

I will attend these events and I STRONGLY encourage you to do the same.  Start your planning now….

King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia