King George, Virginia

16 April 2020

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

My apologies for getting this Newsletter out late AND for not being able to include the usual commentary.  A couple of things, though.

First, is the recognition that American citizens are beginning to push back against draconian, authoritarian, and dictatorial regulations imposed upon We The People.  This push-back seems to have just started this week… and I suspect that they will increase both in frequency and intensity.  Take a look at the extensive TEA Party / Nationalism Movement section.

Second, the biggest assault upon We The People has to do with our First Amendment rights to free speech, assembly, and religion.  Most notably is the arrest and fining of churchgoers on Easter.  Take a look at the First Amendment section for insight.  These news articles dovetail with the Regulation section’s articles.

Third, it looks like investigation into the Russia dossier has revealed that the FBI knew that it was disinformation… and yet relied upon it anyway.  This is corruption to the core and I truly hope that those responsible will be held to account for their actions.  Take a look at the Corruption section.

I have included a graphic  provided to me by a close friend of mine that has been monitoring the COVID-19 virus propagation.  His analysis indicates that the “nose over” has already occurred and we should be starting to get back to normal within the next three weeks or so.  Take a look at the graphic for more information (
available here).

Tune-in to the Don Kroah Show tomorrow to hear Lynn Taylor, President of the Virginia Institute for Public Policy, talk about Governor Northam and the gun laws he recently signed into law.  Friday, 4/17/20, at 5:15 pm EST,  You can listen live on the radio station, WAVA 105.1, or listen to the livestream at at:

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I welcome any questions or comments you may have.

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