King George, Virginia

25 November 2020

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

I sent out a Happy Thanksgiving message the other day as my weekly Newsletter.  I truly wanted to also send out a ‘data dump’ of the recent news but refrained from doing so because everything about the biggest news story in American history - the 2020 election fraud - was in flux.  At the time Sidney Powell was being called out for not providing evidence of election fraud and I was afraid that she might not (or might not be able to).  I didn’t want to send out erroneous information.

You see, as your Humble Analyst, I attempt to pass on to you news on subjects that have been at least minimally ‘vetted’.  To do so I try to address issues that have been covered by more than one news source.  True, this is not always possible… but that is my goal.  On the other hand, though, often times there are ‘earth shattering’ news stories that are covered by only a few news sources.  This is called “sole-source” reporting and the risk I try to mitigate is  echoing news that isn’t true.  I try to avoid sole-source reporting even for sensational issues (like election fraud) in order to prevent myself from disseminating conspiracy news.  On Monday I was concerned about relaying additional information associated with Sidney Powell’s promise of evidence because almost no other news sources were reporting similarly.

But we are in another news domain today… a day where censorship is evident and widely practiced amongst the news media and social platforms.  On one hand we have news, mainly reported from The Gateway Pundit, regarding Sidney Powell’s revelations of 2020 election fraud.  But on the other hand we have news organizations like Fox News and even Breitbart that seem to be going quiet on this issue.  This is most disturbing as it indicates to me that even Breitbart has been silenced.  This is unbelievable given the magnitude of what fraud in a US election really means for our republic.  My conclusion is that if The Gateway Pundit is going to lead this conversation then so be it.

I have also determined that Sidney Powell’s investigation may end up outlasting the current Trump administration.  I strongly believe that We The People overwhelmingly voted to re-elect President Trump… but the Democrat’s election fraud stole from America our result and a solid court case to reverse that outcome takes time to develop.  Why do I believe that?  Below is my ‘data dump’ of 2020 election fraud news for the past week and you can use it to judge for yourself.  The sheer volume of reporting on this subject ought to give you pause as it indicates that many sources saying the same thing gives credence to the subject.  I have organized it according to three categories: The Machines, The People, and The Process in an effort to assist you in understanding this important issue.

The Machines

The People

The Process

As always, I warmly welcome any questions or comments you may have.  And Happy Thanksgiving.

King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia