King George, Virginia

26 October 2020

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

We will have our next monthly KGTP meeting on Thursday 5 November.  Yep… that will be two days after the 2020 presidential election.  I hope to see everyone there for some lively discussion!

In that vein, please offer your thanks to Bob S. during our meeting for all of his work to get signs up throughout the county.  Not counting what he has done with Trump or Wittman signs… he distributed out a total of 270 signs for Daniel Gade (even sharing some with Louisa county).  This truly has been a heroic effort for a fantastic candidate.  Thanks, Bob!!!

The ramp-up to the 3 November election continues and one of the more important issues on that day is manning the polls.  Ron McElrath, Chairman of the King George Republican Committee, has all of the infrastructure covered (tables, canopies, literature, sample ballots, etc.) for each of the county’s five polling places but still needs some volunteers to help out.  Please contact Ron directly at for more information.

As you would expect, the largest News section addresses Joe Biden’s corruption as a sell-out to China.  Sure, most of the sensational news stories focus on Hunter Biden, his drug additions, and compromising (and probably illegal) videos of him but the most important issue is how he sold access to his father, the former Vice President of the United States.  If there is ANY indication that Joe knew that he was being used by Hunter to receive ANY compensation to ANY of his family then there is reason to conclude that Joe was selling out America for his personal gain.  We CANNOT have someone like that as President.  Go vote!!!

I am an eternal optimist and want to believe that this election, like all others that I have participated in, does not descend into third-world anarchy.  Sure, we had the contested election in 2000 between George Bush and Al Gore… but that contest remained within legal jurisdictions.  And sure, the Democrats to this day still contest the 2016 election outcome… but again that contest has remained within the legal and news media jurisdictions.  I remain optimistic that this election will similarly feature a non-violent outcome… but there are several news articles that everyone needs to at least skim and use to inform your decision-making.  The Federalist article (linked below) should be read by all of those that must travel into Washington, DC for work.

The other noteworthy news theme is the censorship of the Biden stories.  Not that censorship is news anymore… but the deliberateness in doing so is remarkable.  Twitter and Facebook no longer try to hide the fact that they are censors, which should put everyone on edge.  Noteworthy, however, is the three-part series on How To Steal An Election that is, in reality, a lesson in Information Operations on a mass scale.  What is described in that triad is beyond Orwell’s 1984.

And now… some news.

TEA Party / Nationalism Movement

From the top article below:

"Other bar and restaurant owners in Illinois agree, and some are beginning to organize against Lightfoot’s and Illinois Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s renewed draconian lockdowns, Fox News reported.  Ki’s Steak and Seafood in the Chicago suburb of Glendale Heights also threatened to ignore the lockdown orders.  'We are standing up for our freedom, and WE WILL STAY OPEN! We have been in business for 80+ years, and no one is going to tell us we can’t live out the American dream,' the establishment wrote on Facebook."


From the top article below:

"Mitchell regarded the politicization of the IRS as the most dangerous change in her lifetime and perhaps in the history of the U.S. because Obama/Biden did liberals' bidding and the press was willing to endure a wide variety of their non-democratic, dangerous practices. Thus, we experienced government intrusion in unprecedented ways, picking sides in the long-term debate between conservatives and liberals and ensuring that liberals win, as happened in the 2012 election."


From the top article below:

"Justin Haskins, the editorial director and a research fellow at the Heartland Institute, noted in an op-ed in The Hill in January 2020 that Democratic lawmakers fundamentally misunderstand job creation. Instead, Haskins argues that what’s necessary for the economy to flourish is to allow business owners to operate with minimal government interference.  'What Obama and others in the Democratic Party didn’t understand—and judging by the rhetoric coming from the current batch of presidential candidates, still don’t understand—is that you don’t need a magic wand to grow the economy,” Haskins wrote. “All that is required are policies that give individuals and businesses more power to operate freely and that limit efforts by inept, greedy government bureaucrats in Washington to meddle and manipulate markets they don’t fully understand.'"

Patriotism / America First

From the top article below:

"'When my father lay wounded on a beach in the Pacific defending his country in World War II, America more than lived up to her promise. When Americans walked on the moon, we were the brightest star in the firmament. If you weren’t owned by China, you might love this country, too,' actor James Woods scolded the former VP."

First Amendment / Freedom of Speech / Freedom of Religion

From the top article below:

"Earnest wore a 'Trump 2020 Keep America Great' t-shirt, and a 'Women for Trump' mask on October 12 when administrators told her to flip the shirt and the mask inside-out or face repercussions, according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.  When Earnest refused, administrators suspended her from school and sent her home, according to the lawsuit.  <Snip>  In another case where an Oregon high school student was disciplined for wearing a pro-Trump t-shirt, he also sued his school district but wound up settling with his school, the Associated Press reported.  Under the settlement, his school district had to pay $25,000 in attorney’s fees and the principal had to write an apology to the student."

Second Amendment / Right to Keep and Bear Arms

From the top article below:

"'At the same time that there has been an exponential growth in permits, there has been a general linear decline in murder and violent crime rates,' the co-authors wrote. 'Murder rates fell from 5.7 to 5.0 per 100,000, a 12-percent drop. Overall violent crime fell by 29 percent. Meanwhile, the percentage of adults with permits soared by five-fold.'"

Fourth Amendment / Right to Privacy

From the top article below:

"'I’m surprised we haven’t already heard more about Open Fields,' says Stephen Mutnick, a criminal defense attorney with Winslow & McCurry, PLLC in Midlothian, Va. 'For right now, landowners have to remember that Fourth Amendment protections only extend to the home, personal effects and the curtilage. If you post your property no trespassing, private citizens have to stay away, but that doesn’t apply to government officials who don’t even need probable cause.'"

Abortion / Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

From the top article below:

"Additionally, seven member nations of the Organization of American States (OAS) signed a joint statement that affirms 'every human being has the right to life, liberty and the security of his person,' and that it is the sovereign right of nations to make their own laws protecting life from the moment of conception."

Corruption / Rule of Law

From the top article below:

"Evidence of this scandal is too strong to ignore or to allow Joe Biden, the Democratic Party, or corporate media to cast aside as an unseemly attack on a recovering drug addict, and not merely because of the corruption at issue. Every country, every foreign politician or political faction, and every corrupt oligarch or business that paid for access has the emails, notes, receipts, itineraries, fund transfers, and maybe even photographs or recordings. And that makes Joe Biden a national security risk."

National Sovereignty / Border Security / Illegal Alien Invasion

From the top article below:

"Trump’s 2020 plan offers broadly popular — but quite limited — pro-American restrictions on migration and visa workers. In many speeches, for example, Trump ignores the economic impact of blue-collar and white-collar migration on Americans while stressing issues about crime, outsiders, diseases, or welfare, even though his low-immigration policies have been a popular boon to Americans.  Joe Biden’s 2020 plan promises to let companies import more visa workers, to let mayors import temporary workers, to accelerate the inflow of chain-migration migrants, to end migration enforcement against illegal aliens unless they commit a felony, and to dramatically accelerate the inflow of poor refugees to at least 125,000 per year. This policy has helped Biden to win huge donations from investors on Wall Street."

Conservatism / Capitalism

From the top article below:

"Jeremy Segal, aka Rebel Pundit, put together a video of his interactions with BLM/Antifa/Leftist activists on the streets in recent years.  They tell you exactly what their goal is. It’s what we’ve always known.  Watch. And Listen."

Anarchy / Communism / Socialism / Creeping Socialism

From the top article below:

"'When one-in-four Americans want to eliminate capitalism and embrace socialism, we know that we have failed to educate about the historical and moral failings of these ideologies,' foundation executive director Marion Smith said in a statement."

Information Denial / Censorship / Social Media Censorship

From the top article below:

"When it comes to censorship on social media, that means 'teaching' the Facebook code so certain content ends up at the top of your newsfeed, a feat that earns the firm’s software wizards discretionary bonuses, per the ex-insider. It also means making sure other content 'shows up dead-last.'  Like, say, a New York Post report on the Biden dynasty’s dealings with Chinese companies."

Deception / Propaganda / Social Engineering

From the top article below:

"Is it possible that the leadership of the American Left, along with their NeverTrumper allies, are busy talking themselves into advocating and promoting street violence as a response to a presidential election?  The answer is: Yes."

Attacks Against Conservatives

From the top article below:

"The intentional acts of violence against Trump supporters and their property is escalating. Aggression directed at them has been forefront since a high school student was the victim of a media lynching. I’m NOT overstating what they tried to do to a child, all because he was wearing a hat they didn’t like.  Nick Sandmann exhibited more self restraint than any of the adults antagonizing him on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. He returned fire with the legal system, winning judgements against the purveyors of hatred and vitriol.  Let that sink in. The media was hellbent on lying to destroy a child because he was wearing a MAGA hat."

Elections / Vote Integrity

From the top article below:

"The Democrats have been exhorting people to vote early because they’ve known all along that Grandpa Gropes is a problematic candidate. The potential for him to screw this up has always loomed large. They wanted to get as many votes as possible in before they had to let him off-leash and out of the basement. Little did any of us know that the Biden family would turn out to be the Corleones of the Ukraine."


From the top article below:

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