King George, Virginia

30 December 2019

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year.  Ours was hectic, but that is usual for our family.

REMINDER:  We will have our monthly KGTP meeting THIS THURSDAY 2 JANUARY.  The meeting begins at 7:00.  As noted previously, we will have two guest speakers:  Daniel Gade and Jakob Roginsky.

Daniel Gade is a Republican candidate running to unseat Senator Mark Warner.  
Bob, a KGTP member, contacted him and arranged for Daniel Gade to speak to the KGTP membership during the 2 January 2020 meeting.  Daniel is very “on point” with respect to standing firm on Conservative principles, values, and desire to serve We The People.  If I remember correctly from a previous phone call, Bob will be supporting the Gade campaign.  Here is the link to Daniel’s campaign website for more information:

Additionally, Ray, the Chairman for the Montross TEA Party, introduced me to Jakob Roginsky, a Russian immigrant to America.  
He has offered to make a presentation during our 2 January 2020 meeting specifically to talk about his experiences under Communist rule and the importance of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Honestly, after seeing the Socialist viewpoints that the Democrats are offering as candidates running for President this discussion will be extremely informative.  Furthermore, after seeing how authoritarian / dictatorial Virginia’s Governor Northam is acting with regards to his proposed “gun control” legislation this will be very timely.

So here is my request:  Please clear your schedules in order to attend the next KGTP meeting on 2 January 2020.  You will be treated to some fantastic guest speakers that will definitely be valuable as we ramp up into this next year.

I am sure you have seen the news regarding the church shooting that occurred this past weekend.  In light of all of the Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution efforts in response to Virginia Governor Northam’s proposed gun control legislation, I though I would front-load these three news articles about that event.  If ever there was an example of a “good guy with a gun” needed to rebuff these proposals, it would be this event.

Below are two e-mails from Kathy regarding two very important meetings you might want to attend.  Please do contact Kathy directly if you need additional information.

From: kat vanatt <>
Subject: In Defense of our Rights: "We Won't Back Down"

"We Won't Back Down! 
Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens in Time of Government Overreach"

Sat. - Sun., Jan. 18 - 19
Hilton Garden Inn, Richmond Airport
441 International  Center Dr.
Sandston, VA  23150

Speakers will include:

  • Phil Van Cleave, VCDL
  • Chris Anders, Virginia Constitutional Conservatives
  • Tony Pellegrino, Academy for Constitutional Law (CA)
  • Christy Zito, ID State Representative
  • Carol Stopps, CLIC-VA
  • Tom DeWeese, American Policy Institute
  • Dakota Worrell, Trump Team, Virginia

Mr. Pellegrino will teach two seminars on a system of litigation which he has developed from the Civil  Rights Act.  He has used this system, Project 1983, and WON court victories against unconstitutional public officials; he will teach us how to do the same.  Ms Zito, ID State Rep., has been a leader in PRO gun legislation in her state,  and will share a behind-the-scenes look at the gun-grabbers.  There will be sessions on strengthening  your group, where YOU  tell US what you need to succeed.

If you choose to pay by check, please consult Eventbrite for pricing, and send a  check, made payable to  United in Strength for America

Mail to: 

  • Kat Stansell
  • 363 Potomac Shore Dr.
  • Heathsville, VA  22473

Full payment will be required for a reservation to be considered held. All reservations must be made by Thursday, Jan. 16 .

Come, listen and learn.  You owe it to your children and grandchildren, to assure them the same freedom you have always enjoyed.  PLEASE share with your contacts as well.  The country is watching us, for Virginia is the canary in the coal mine of the nation.  If we citizens of the Commonwealth roll over and do not stand strong against those ignoring our laws, the rest of the country will go down, state by state, until the America we know and love, is no more.

Kat Stansell
United in Strength for America

>>>Special:  $25 round trip coach ride form venue to Lobby Day!
From: kat vanatt <>

Subject: Symposium on Protecting our Freedom in Virginia

Sponsored by United for Strength in America, Virginia Citizens Defense League, the American Policy Institute, Virginia Constitutional Conservatives, and CLIC-VA , this two-day gathering of working citizen groups and experts on defense of Rights is a weekend you cannot miss.

Event:   Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens in Times of Government Overreach

Speakers include Phil VanCleave, Chris Anders, Tom DeWeese, Tony Pellegrino (California expert on constitutional common law), and Carol Stopps, among others.  There will also be special workshops on legal defense of our freedoms, and strengthening your group for greater effectiveness and outreach.

A round trip coach will take us to Lobby Day on Monday morning, Jan. 20, if you would like to go.

  • Hilton Garden Inn, Richmond Airport
  • 441 International Dr.,
  • Sandston, VA  23150

Cost: per person/bus optional
Room, $109 (1 King or 2 Doubles)/night
Conference fees, $85,  (includes all sessions for both days, with lunch and beverages)
Bus to Lobby Day (optional), $25/person

We owe this to future generations; please come.
And, please share this information with other Virginia patriots.


Unfortunately, I have been busy and it wasn’t until today that I had a chance to put together the TEA Party news collection.  The below was captured over the past 2 weeks.  By far, the largest section is on the Second Amendment as there have been much discussion regarding the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement.  Of particular note, however, are the couple of articles that outline just how robust the American economy is doing right now.  What is missing, and has been missing for the past couple of years, are any great news articles about how the US debt is being paid down.  It is extremely unfortunate that issue has not been addressed.

And now, the news….

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As always, I welcome any questions or comments you may have.

King George TEA Party
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